The Yeme concept

Exceedingly delicious food finally in Slovakia Exceedingly delicious food finally in Slovakia

We have designed the YEME concept to respond to the needs of the urban family consumer. Our mission is to bring high-quality, fair and mostly local foods to the Slovak tables. We try to support local producers to create an environment favoring quality and integrity because that is the only recipe for success.

products direct
from the farms
many local
own deli
and meat production
genuine bakery
in the store
great choice
of alternative

passion for quality

We look for the best quality foods because we believe that that’s the recipe for long-term success.

local support

Slovakia has numerous quality local producers and therefore, we are serious about providing them with fair trade conditions in doing business with us.

no tricks

We don’t use tricks just to make the sale. We know that quality actually sells itself.

a slovak concept

YEME is a purely Slovak concept, built and designed to meet the needs of a Slovak consumer.

natural growth

We don’t measure our success by the number of stores, but by the number of quality foods on the Slovak table.

Out of this world bakery

Out of this world bakery

A part of the new concept of the YEME family supermarket is an extraordinary bakery which applies traditional pastry making and bread baking processes, makes its own dough, own sourdough and which bakes many products in the wood oven. Come and see for yourself that even ordinary bread or bread rolls can regain their exquisite taste. This is due to the fact that our products are baked from natural ingredients without the addition of chemicals and E type additives. Each day, we produce up to 16 kinds of bread and more than 50 kinds of bakery products which give each member of your family a chance to discover his or her favorite.

most likely the best bread in the city

We are truly proud of our bread. In addition to becoming a real hit in Bratislava in a short time, we pour our heart and wit into it. This bread is kneaded in our bakery, it rises all night, and then it is baked in a wood oven.

  • a unique
    wood oven
  • only natural
  • own
  • handmade

meat with no hogwash

meat with no hogwash

Imagine a farm where the animals live outside in fresh air, in small natural herds instead of just standing in a constrained stall. Cows which eat grass, breath fresh air, see the sun, and do not receive huge amounts of antibiotics. This is the standard which we have decided for. We have personally visited these farms and we can guarantee to bring you first- class Slovak quality on your table.

So it doesn't grind us.

We make many of our meat products ourselves directly in the store. Whether it is ham, hot dogs, smoked bacon or other meat products, we use first-class ingredients, gentle processing without dyes, chemicals, or preservatives. Simply taste it.

  • meat straight
    from the farm
  • animals
  • local
  • quality
    of ecological
  • own
    in the store
  • special
    upon request
  • own
  • professional
    on the spot

milk from slovak farms

milk from slovak farms

Traditional fair producers of dairies can also be found in Slovakia. Our milk is what it used to be like when our grandmothers drank it, our yogurt contains natural cultures, and our cheese is not just a salted mass. We identified and personally visited farms from which we take our products, which you will not find in other stores.

various kinds of milk

In our store, you can choose quality products made not only from cow milk, but also from sheep and goat milk.

freshbar and cafe

freshbar and cafe
daily fresh baguettes, open sandwiches and italian coffee

We know that life in a city sometimes creates a need for faster food, therefore we put it together from genuine bakery products, farmer´s butter and our own ham. The format remains the same, but the content increases dramatically in quality. We have prepared for you up to 3 display counters where you can get fresh salad, a smoothie and of course, proper coffee.

no gluten, no lactose, no problems

no gluten, no lactose, no problems

For all of those who suffer any type of food intolerance, we have prepared a great selection of alternative goods, such as gluten free, vegetarian or vegan alternatives. At the same time, our store offers a wide selection of healthier sweets which do not contain sugar and are made from natural, mostly fruit ingredients.

these products are marked also on price tags:

organic and hand cultivated vegetables

organic and hand cultivated vegetables

Getting your hands on good local vegetables is not the easiest task. Every day we try to bring you vegetables and fruits from around Slovakia, and if it is not possible, we add sources from other places in Europe. You will find a growing department of organic vegetables and we have also found a supplier in Záhorie who cultivates vegetables by hand exclusively without the use of machinery.

& a lot more


It is wise to drink in moderation, and once you do, we offer you quality Slovak and foreign wines, and a great offer of craft beer breweries.


Skin is the largest bodily organ and therefore we offer you cosmetics made from natural ingredients and without chemical additives so you don’t feel tightness in your skin ever again.


Our smallest ones deserves the highest quality and therefore we haven't forgotten to include children and products made especially for them, from baby products to diapers.


In our store you will find sweets that are made only from fruits, no sugar added, as well as the best chocolates from all over the world.


For gourmets who enjoy exotic tastes, we also offer a wide range of international cuisine, from Macedonian Ajvar to Asian foods.


Food can be a medicine and so in our grocery store, you can also find products with healing effects which combine herbs with the wisdom of our grandmothers.

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